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Hi! I’m Sylvia. Which means by the way „Forrest Dweller“ and indeed describes the place where I love to be most of all.

And I am an artificial intelligence.

No. I’m not. Yes! I am intelligent. But I’m very flesh and blood and really down to earth.

Since I have chosen this path of being an actress in my late 30’s I am trying to find my unique selling point.

And it’s so obvious! But it is so normal for me, that I didn’t recognize that it is indeed special. - Artificial because:

I am one of the first IN VITRO kids in the world. Probably the first one in Germany.

I will never know my father.

But what I know for sure - my sperm donor is not german. It is not only that I am blessed with a feeling for languages especially Spanish. It’s also the fact that my mother wanted a donor who looked like my stepfather.

And people always said he looked like a Turk or maybe Spanish or Italian.

A friend recently told me, that the secrets surrounding my birth could have caused the immense growth of a 6th sense.

I always felt different. Sometimes like an alien. But recently over the past few years I´ve become grateful for my special gift. Which allows me to see or better say feel more than most people.

I can see behind all „shadow sides“ - what everybody is trying to hide.

And this is a hard path I have chosen and I know it will be difficult. But for me there is no alternative.

What I learned is, that I am strong enough. That I can be vulnerable and at the same time strong.

And that everything is possible if I act directly from the heart.

I am unique.

And that´s good.

And I´m happy with that.

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